Vision And Aims

“To be able to live your identity as a Croatian in Austria – with equal rights,
with the same opportunities and without fear!”



Aims of the organisation


The association, whose activities are not for profit, aims to …


  1. the preservation, protection and consolidation of the Croatian ethnic group in Burgenland, Vienna, Slovakia and Hungary,
  2. to represent the collective and individual interests of the Burgenland Croats,
  3. safeguarding and realising the minority rights to which the Croatian ethnic group and its members are entitled on the basis of federal and provincial laws as well as international treaties and agreements concluded by the Republic of Austria, and representing the interests of the ethnic group and its members before national, European and other international bodies,
  4. safeguarding the right and the actual provision of education in the Croatian language, as well as safeguarding the performance of religious services in the Croatian language,
  5. the cultivation and use of the Croatian language in general, the safeguarding of its unhindered use,
  6. the use and appropriate presence of the language in the entire media sector,
  7. the promotion of Croatian folk art, folk culture and Croatian customs,
  8. Publishing and distribution of literary works, books, magazines and other (electronic) data carriers,
    the establishment and maintenance of libraries, cultural centres and cultural centres,
  9. the formation, promotion and support of folk music, folk singing and folk dance groups as well as amateur theatre groups,
  10. Organisation and implementation of cultural events of all kinds,
  11. Establishment and promotion of economic enterprises to achieve and fulfil the above tasks,
  12. cooperation with organisations and institutions with the same or similar objectives both within the Croatian ethnic group and with other Austrian ethnic groups and ethnic minorities throughout the world.

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